Oral Presentations

Session 1 (2:30 pm - 3:15 pm)
SRL 14 2:30 Vicki J. Simpson JFK: A Body of Evidence--1955-1965
SRL 120 3:00 Keaton O'Neill Secrecy within the Central Intelligence Agency’s OXCART Program, from 1957-1968
SRL 14 2:45 Andrew D. Olson “Long Cold Days”: The Natural Ice Industry, 1880 to 1940.”
SRL 120 2:30 Roland, Cohagen, C New Kids on the Glock: The Rise and Decline of Toy Guns in Early Cold War America 1948 - 1969.
SRL 14 3:00 Jacob D Harberts Integrated Deterrence Strategy of the Advancing Battlefield
SRL 120 2:45 Tre Goodhue, M The Rise of Bohemia: The Beatnik Influence on Civil Rights and Anti-Conformists in America, 1944 – 1966
Session 2 (3:30 am - 4:15 pm)
SRL 120 3:30 Hayley McCoy Empowering Identities: Mexican Women, the Student Movement, and Beyond, 1960-1971.
SRL 14 3:45 Salomi Aladia Influence of Study Abroad on Students’ Cultural Attitudes
SRL 220 4:00 Varvara Korkina Fashioning the New Arctic
SRL 220 3:45 Jordan Caruso Effects of Humidity Variation On The Predictive Measurements Of Drape For Both Natural and Manufactured Cellulosic Fabrics Of Differing Weights
SRL 14 4:00 Yena Balekyani "Please, Caro, Make Me Lighter": Skin Bleaching in the African Diaspora Community
SRL 120 4:00 Sydney Byro Where Does it Start and When Did it End: Women’s Role and the Feminist Movements of Yugoslavia in the 20th century
SRL 120 3:45 Sabrina S. Santos Cuba's New Woman: The Symbolic Celia Sanchez
SRL 14 3:30 Katelyn A. Melcher Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain: Correlates, Prevalence, and Implications
SRL 112 3:30 Athila Gevaerd Montibeller Estimating Fluxes of Energy and Evapotranspiration with an Unmanned Aircraft System in Ames, Iowa
SRL 112 3:45 Narmina Iusubova Wind energy resources and suitability in the Russian Arctic