Poster Presentations

Session (2:30 pm - 3:15 pm)
1 Elijah J. Evans A Case for Angry Eaters?
2 Megan Kennedy A Review Study of the Effects of Emotional Ambivalence: Physical, Psychological, and Interpersonal Outcomes
3 Olivia Rigdon An Examination of the Association between Traumatic Brain Injury and Sleep Disruptions among Athletes in Contact and Non-Contact Sports
8 Peterson Wambuu Consequences of Climate Change and Adaptation of Subsistence Farmers and Pastoral Communities.
10 Marissa B. Benischek Death By Gold Fever: Animals in the Klondike Gold Rush, 1897-1900
11 Donavan Ratnasingam Differences in Career Indecision Between Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures Among Undergraduates
13 Mattison E. Regan Family Support and Mental Health: The Moderating Role of the Big 5 Personality Traits
16 Marjorie Perkins Gender Differences in Civilian Stigma Towards Combat-related and Military Sexual Trauma-related PTSD
17 Diksha Ojha Gender differences on pay expectations during the initial offer of hire: a comparison between American, South Asian, and East Asian students at University of Northern Iowa
18 Elle M Stackhouse How Hormones Can Save the World: Empathy and the Use of Oral Contraceptives
19 Stephanie J Strong Identifying Maternal Characteristics and Desirability of Pregnancy Trends for the 2015 Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care Project
20 Joyann N. Maske Keeping them on their toes: The Position of the Romantic Ballerina in Nineteenth Century in France 1830 to 1848
22 Kaitlyn M. Fox Oral Contraceptive Use and Test of the Eye Results
23 Dacia K. Oberhelman Perceptions of Transgender Populations: An Educational Module to Increase Knowledge and Reduce Negative Attitudes
25 Lijing Ma Personality as a Moderator of Sleep and Affect
28 Charcey Petersen The Arctic's Next Generation: Mapping the Geographies of Youth in Alaska
29 Shelby E. Snell The Effects of Linguistic Ostracism on Group-Based Prejudice, Percieved Threat, and Group Cohesion
36 Dylan Pieper The Relations Between Personality and Source of Dietary Protein
37 Gunnar E. Whisler The role of ethnic-race differences in the relations between stress coping strategies and sleep patterns
38 Rachel M Bruns University of Northern Iowa Parking Lot Crime: Crime Mapping Application
42 Jasmine G. Beecham Work-Family Conflict and Alcohol Use by Iowa Parents in Non-Professional Jobs
Session (3:30 pm - 4:15 pm)
4 Alba Karuni Are female students and more communal students less likely to choose STEM majors?
5 Allison Wager Are “they” with her? Trump/Clinton supporters and the media
6 Tierra M. Luppen College Major & Bipolar Disorder Stigma
7 Veronica M. Seher Comparing the Effects of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Different Types of Meditation on Forgiveness and Mood
9 Maribel Sarah Guevara-Myers Cultural Influences on Time Pressure in the U.S. and Taiwan
12 Ben Fienup Exploring the Impact of Prescription Drug Advertisements on Stigma of Depression
14 Andrew Williams Gender Differences and Attitudes towards Homosexuality in Sports
15 Kaliana Villa Gender Differences and Beliefs about Depression
21 Charcey A Petersen Land Use and Land Cover Change and Projection: Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area
24 Porsha Isbell Personality and Stigma Towards Depression
26 Emma L. Welch Predictors of Attitudes toward Transgender Men and Women
27 Hailey A. Hatch Science, Religion, and Moral Foundations: Predicting Attitudes toward Controversial Issues
30 Stephanie J. Strong The Mediating Role of Perceived Stress and Loneliness in the Relationship between Overall Sleep Quality, Health, and Psychopathological Risk Factors
31 Lijing Ma The moderating role of coping skills in the associations between self-disclosure in relationships and sleep quality
32 Mindy N. Guajardo The Moderating Role of Dietary Lifestyle Factors on the Overall Sleep Quality and Psychopathological Personality Risk Factors Relationship
33 Greta E. Kos The moderating role of personality in the associations between sleep patterns and health
34 Kristin N Rooff The protective role of coping mechanisms in the associations between sleep-wake problems and fatigue catastrophizing
35 Elisheva Havlik The Protective Role of Resilience in the Links between Risk Factors of Psychopathology and Sleep Disturbances
39 Jerome Graham Who's More Afraid, Part II: Political Ideology, Fear, and Concern
40 Jenna A. Gray With Her or Him?: Personality Traits of Current Presidential Candidate Supporters
41 Alivia Zubrod Word Count Analysis of Future Career Autobiographies: Associations Between Emotion Words and Measures of Career Identity and Adaptability